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Power Save effectively manages computer resources and can greatly reduce annual energy costs.

Enterprise reporting on power saving for both Windows & Mac. 
Intelligent Windows energy management

Computer energy management is a financial and environmental priority for organisations today. With the growing demand for customised power setting configurations, many firms are finding the power saving options included with their operating system to be mediocre at best.

Why use Power Save?

Power Save goes beyond what the native Windows or Mac operating system provides - in that it is intelligent. Typical operating system power saving techniques only monitor keyboard and mouse activity. Power Save intelligently monitors CPU and disk activity as well as allows critical applications to contine to run. Therefore, Power Save is non-disruptive.

Intelligent Macintosh energy management

Power Save Mac is an effective and reliable tool that can control and manage energy throughout an enterprise. Power Save Mac integrates seamlessly with Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) or any other third-party management utility to allow administrators to deploy their power saving configuration package to a single or multiple computers. Power Save Mac’s configuration screen also allows administrators to intelligently control inactive workstations between regularly scheduled action items.
Save Money

Computers that are not managed properly in downtimes are a financial drain. Power Save is a strategic investment that can attract savings and could even attract rebates from government or power utilties.
Save Earth

Organisations are looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Power Save allows you to power down your energy hungry workstations.

Faronics Power Save provides system administrators with enterprise-wide control over advanced computer power configurations. With Power Save, computers can now be configured to shutdown, stand-by and hibernate based upon CPU usage, disk activity and application activity. The application activity feature is particularly useful if you would like a system to remain powered on whenever a certain application is running. Power Save even has the ability to generate detailed reports outlining enterprise-wide energy consumption levels and associated costs savings.

Compatibility Options

    * Customised deployment and update and control the client workstations
    * Support for MMC – recognised standard amongst system administrators

Power Save report

    * Power Save features a built-in power consumption reporting tool
    * Detailed workstation utilisation reporting allows you to see how much               power you are saving based upon your regional electricity cost.


    * D
eploy Power Save with no savings assigned - to check the level of                    power usage used within the organisation.
    * Then, apply Power Save settings remotely via the Console to                            workstations and see how the savings start to add up.

Advanced Calculator  

Most Advanced
EExcel Spreadsheet Calculator

Network Console:

Using the Power Save Console, system administrators also have the ability to deploy a pre-configured installation package containing customised actions, inactivity settings, and more.

Detailed Reporting:

Power Save offers detailed reporting that outlines how much energy and dollars have been saved at tehe workstation level. It even lists the uptime and downtime of each system.

Integrate with Core Console:

Faronics Core Console provides the ability to assign their workstations into groups, employ flexible scheduling and configuration options, and generate savings reports.

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                                    Greenhouse verification & certification ISO 14064

powerplan Power Policy Plan

OperationReport Full Operations Report

Templace Power Save Templates

App Monitor Application Monitoring

Config  Power Plan Configuration


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Affiliate Member of  Climate Savers  

Intelligent Configuration Settings

    * Definitions based on CPU, disk, keyboard, mouse & active applications
    * Shutdown without the loss of user productivity
Flexible Scheduling

    * Options to turn off the monitor, PC standby, hibernate or shutdown
    * Schedule Wake-on-LAN, shutdown, or restart events
    * Promotes user productivity in tandem with energy conservation
For a detailed look at Power Save, please view the screenshots below:
Energy Impact
Computers consume energy unncessarily Energy of 1000 PCs/Year is equivalent to:
  • Computers use between 100-300 Watts of power in use.

  • DOE estimates 13% of commercial energy use comes from computers

  • A typical computer is active only 10% of its time

  • 40% of users leave their computers on after working hourse - unnecessary consumption

  • Annual savings estimates are $15.00 - $50.00 per computer/monitor combination

  • 380 tons of carbon dioxide

  • 82.1 passenger cars off the road

  • 43,180 gallons of gasoline

  • 880 barrels of oil

  • 3.1 acres of forest preserved

  • 130 tons of landfill waste avoided

BC Hydro
Department of Energy
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) Study, 2001
The Environmental Protection Agency
We’ve had a very positive experience with both Faronics and Power Save. We did review a number of competing solutions, and Faronics Power Save came in on top of all the competitors with a great set of features, within our budget, and the best bang for the buck.     
- Ethan Haberman, Network Supervisor, Coeur D’Alene School District
Implementing Power Save across all our computers has definitely raised awareness among our users. No one wants to waste district resources and certainly we all want to do our part to be environmentally friendly.     
- Jean Bengfort, Director of Technology, Coeur D’Alene School District
Initially, we installed Power Save on two computers and then evaluated it for over a month. In September of 2007, we deployed Power Save campus-wide on all student workstations. Reporting really sealed the deal for us. It makes it easy to associate a dollar value to the energy management methods we have deployed.     
- Sung Lee - Director of Student Computer Support, Howard Community College